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Q. What IS progeny testing?

A. In an effort to identify purebred Jacobs and in order to conserve this uniquely beautiful breed of sheep for future generations, Barking Rock Farm has followed a progeny-testing program to determine the relative breed purity of individual sheep prior to registration. Briefly stated, this program simply means that BEFORE a candidate animal can be registered, it must be bred to two different mates - each of which is as unrelated to the candidate animals as practicable.  Only if ALL offspring from these two matings display true Jacob traits and characteristics will the candidate be registered. This is the "test" in progeny testing; the offspring (progeny) are examined (tested) to determine that they display qualifying traits. All of our Jacobs are currently registered with the AJSR.

Once a breeding pair has been registered through the progeny-testing program, all of their future offspring are then elegible for registration with no further testing provided they display true Jacob traits and chartacteristics.

This sound principle of verifying the genetic purity of breeding animals through progeny testing will work with other breeds as well. At Barking Rock Farm, we progeny test our Barbados Blackbelly flock as well as our Jacobs.

Q. What sort of vaccinations will my new stock have received?

A. We routinely vaccinate for entertoxemia (also known as overeating disease) with Clostridium types C&D; and tetanus. Some animals may also have been vaccinated for rabies, and orf (also known as soremouth and contagious ecthyma.)

Q. Does Barking Rock offer stud service?

A. Not under ordinary circumstances, although we may make exceptions for local sheep owners who have purchased ewes from us. Please inquire about cost and current availability.

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